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Portfolio  Portfolio — Missouri Wildflower Guide

The objectives for the Missouri Wildflower Guide web site were to showcase the photographer's wildflower images, and to provide an online identification resource. The site design takes advantage of every opportunity to utilize the large collection of photographs, by presenting them as rotating background images, in a gallery format, as a slide show, in-line with related text, and as decorative accents. The design also focuses on organizing the content so that the desired information can easily be located.

Site visitors can search for a wildflower by its common or scientific name on the List page, or can browse galleries of thumbnail images grouped by color.
To further assist in searching for the desired wildflower, the gallery can be dynamically filtered by plant height and bloom season. Each image in the gallery is a link to a page with information about the selected flower.
The informational pages are presented in an attractive columnar format, with text, images, and a bulleted list of flower characteristics. A "breadcrumbs" menu at the top of the page provides an easy means to return to previous pages. Page layout is fluid and responsive to screen size, including automatic adjustment of the navigation menu, so that the site is just as readable and usable on mobile devices as on larger screens.
Other features provided to visitors are a list of links to other wildflower photography sites, answers to frequently asked questions, a contact form, a bibliography, and the ability to print note cards and download images in popular desktop sizes.