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Helen Keller (1880-1968); Author, Lecturer, Activist

Website Features  Website Features

Creating a website that looks great and behaves properly for all visitors, no matter their browser version, screen size, or custom settings, can be challenging. We make use of the latest techniques that have been developed to ensure all your visitors have a positive experience. We’ll consult with you to understand your goals and objectives for your site, and we will be glad to advise you regarding options.

Lots of extras included on every site.

All of the industry best practices, effective techniques, and special features listed below are included on every site we create — because we don’t want our name associated with anything less.


Cost Effective Customization

We utilize pre-built site frameworks and other efficient procedures to maximize our productivity. These resourceful techniques save us time — and you money! We don't take any short-cuts with quality, though. You'll get a cost-effective, high-quality website with unique styling, that is fully customized to your needs.


Professional Content

We can make suggestions regarding the type of content to include on your site, based on your needs and goals. Upon request, we will proof-read web page content at no charge (some limitations apply), correcting typographical, grammatical, and punctuation errors, for your approval prior to publication on your site.


Visual Appeal

Professional page layout, coordinated design features, attractive detailing, and a consistent look and feel throughout your site will ensure that it’s visually appealing to your visitors. We’ll design a look and feel that suits your business or organization, is attractive, and helps convey your message.


Easy to Navigate

Website visitors typically don't have much patience if the content they're looking for is difficult to find, and they're likely to leave — perhaps to visit a competitor's site. We can advise you on the best way to organize your content logically, and we'll ensure that your site's navigation scheme is easy for visitors to use.


Latest Technologies

HTML5 and CSS3 are the latest standards specifications that offer enhanced web page capabilities. We can take advantage of advanced new features for your site, while ensuring that it still looks good and behaves properly for visitors using older browsers too.


Responsive Design

With the proliferation of mobile devices, your website's visitors will have a wide range of screen sizes, with and without touch-screen capability. We'll ensure your site is fluid and responds appropriately to any screen size, so it will be attractive, readable, and usable on all devices.


Search Engine Optimization

Your site's ranking in search engine results plays a critical role in the number of visitors it receives. We'll code your site to promote the best possible visibility in search engine results, and can advise you on options for advertising your site with the most popular search engines.


Social Media

Effective use of Social Media is an excellent means of inexpensive promotion. We can advise you how to take advantage of the most popular Social Media sites that are the best fit for your business or organization, and will include convenient icon links on your website to make it easy for your visitors to share it within their Social Media circles.


Embedded Video

Video creation is easier and less expensive than ever. You can speak directly to your site's visitors, present an in-person testimonial, provide information verbally and visually, or convey your message in an entertaining way. We can embed your video on your website in user-controlled or auto-play mode.


Contact Form

You'll probably want your website to include information on how to contact you. Exposing your email address on a public website, however, allows it to be harvested by automated "spambots", and it will soon be the target of unwanted email. We recommend instead an online contact form, which we can include on any website at no extra cost.


Email Accounts

Receiving your email under the same domain name as your website can increase professional appearances. Up to 25 email addresses are included at no extra cost with every site that we host. Additional accounts (including an unlimited option) are available at reasonable rates.


Site Analytics

Upon request, we will set up a Google Analytics account for you, and will configure your site to collect statistical data. Extensive reports and charts will then be available to you, giving you insight into which content on your site is the most and least popular, how extensively visitors explore your site, and even where visitors are from.

Extra functionality available at reasonable rates.

Specialty features such as those listed below are also available. They can make your site more effective and provide visitors with a richer experience, can automate some functions that you may be doing manually today (reducing your costs), and can even turn your website into a source of revenue. We can provide these and other popular features, or any customized functionality you need, at reasonable prices.


Discussion Board

Also known as a Forum or Message Board, you can provide your visitors a means to post comments on topics of interest. We'll customize settings to your specifications so that you maintain the desired level of control.


Mailing List

We can set you up with mailing list capability, so that you can email newsletters or other material to a list of subscribers. We can also advise you regarding the type of content that will attract subscribers, and can even create your mailings for you, with the same attention to content and visual appeal that we give your website.


Attendee Registration

You can offer an efficient, easy to use online registration process for conferences, training, or other events with the fully customized functionality we can build into your site.



We can include secure electronic payment capabilities on your site, allowing you to offer an online store, automated membership dues collection, or other payment acceptance functionality.


Custom Programming

If you have a need for automated functionality on your website, such as forms-based input or database-driven output, we can provide the needed custom programming at reasonable rates. With over 30 years of professional software development experience, we can accommodate your specialized requirements, whatever they may be.


Content Development

Poorly constructed, inaccurate, or error-laden written content can leave your visitors doubting your professionalism and reliability. Our content development services will produce quality written content in a style that's appropriate for your website. We can provide research services, as well.


Graphic Design and Photography

Photography and graphic design elements can greatly enhance the appeal of your website and help convey its message. A vast selection of high-definition, royalty-free quality images are available at much less cost than you might expect, and we can do the searching for you. We can also provide custom photography and graphic design services.


Content Management

We can design your site on a full-featured Content Management System (CMS) platform, which will allow you to maintain your own content through an easy to use, intuitive interface. Our thorough documentation provides you with a complete reference guide, and we can provide face to face training to show you how to maintain your site.